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We at Columbus Immigration have a team of highly skilled professionals who are always ready to help with all your needs. We are committed to simplifying all your legal procedures for visa and immigration.

Our team has experience in providing significant immigration and visa experience to people belonging to various nations. We promise to help you with all your needs.

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Additional services

Additional Document Request(ADR), Procedural Fairness Letter(PFL), PR card Renewal, TRP.

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Citizenship Application

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada facilitates immigration, protects refugees. Complete application handling

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GCMS Notes Review

GMCS notes have valuable information on the current status and notes from the officers reviewing your file.

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Express Entry

Designed to select the most qualified candidates catering to Canada’s labor market, the Express Entry system provides the most promising, popular, and one of the fastest ways to Canadian Immigration.



The Canadian Experience Class Program is for permanent residency for temporary foreign workers and foreign graduates.

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The Federal Skilled Worker Program is one of the three programs under the Express Entry

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Provincial Nomination Programs, as the name suggests, are immigration programs by the provinces of Canada.

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The Federal Skilled Trades Program is the only program available under federal economic immigration for tradespersons.

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General Services

Apart from the migration and visa services, we also provide you with proper support for various other services, such as Procedural Fairness Letter(PFL), PR card Renewal, Additional Document Request(ADR), TRP, etc.

Citizenship Application

We care for all your needs, including proper document handling for immigration, refugees, and citizenship.

GCMS Review

Our thorough GCMS Review can offer insightful information about your file’s current status as well as observations and comments regarding it.

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